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What small business clients value about cyber insurance

Small business clients gravitate to cyber insurance And it’s not for the insurance, per se, but for the accompanying services following an incident, a cyber underwriter said recently. “If you think about it in the context of car insurance, they’re buying their cyber insurance effectively not for the car claims payment, but for the breakdown…
Kevvie Fowler-Data Breach and Preparation_1stEdition

Data Breach Preparation and Response: Breaches are Certain, Impact is Not

Data Breach Preparation And Response: Breaches are Certain, Impact is not. 1st Edition, Kindle Edition Data Breach Preparation and Response: Breaches are Certain, Impact is Not is the first book to provide 360 degree visibility and guidance on how to proactively prepare for and manage a data breach and limit impact. Data breaches are inevitable…

Hire international students? Now, that’s a thought!

Montreal National | In fall 2016, there were over 33,000 international students enrolled in post-secondary education in Greater Montréal (MEES, 2017), and the number of students attending university went up 10% in fall 2017 (BCI, 2017). That spells opportunity for Montréal businesses. In its new video, I Choose Montréal features Montréal-area employers who consistently leverage…

The R3P Mandatory Breach Notification Preparedness Assessment

A special assessment conducted by R3P Consulting if your organization has data across various providers.  This assessment involves an analysis of the current environment, and the state of preparedness of the organization in question. An examination of contractual agreements the organization has with providers to ensure that key requirements are covered, and contingencies understood. Explores…

Failure to report Canadian privacy breaches

Failure to report Canadian privacy breaches could mean big fines after Nov. 1 Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien holds a news conference to discuss his annual report in Ottawa on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. After more than three years of legislative fine-tuning, Canadian businesses will be required as of Thursday to alert their customers and the…

Mandatory Breach Notification Readiness Assessment

Is your Organization Ready? Submitted by The Poirier Group As of November 1, 2018, new regulations are in force for mandatory reporting of privacy breaches under Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These regulations better harmonize Canadian breach reporting with the recent European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Failure to comply…

Canadian firms still have work to do on cybersecurity: EY

A new report from EY says Canadian firms are increasing their cybersecurity spending, but the majority still allocate less than 10 per cent of their IT budgets to fending off hackers. For more on this, BNN Bloomberg spoke with Yogen Appalraju, Canadian cybersecurity leader at EY.

Hackers demand bitcoin ransom in cyberattack on big Canadian restaurants

Recipe Unlimited says there’s no ransom threat because its systems are secure On October 3rd, 2018, CBC News reported a Canadian company that owns many popular restaurant chains has been told to pay ransom in bitcoin to retrieve data that hackers claim to have stolen. On Monday, Recipe Unlimited — formerly Cara Operations — said it was hit with…

Get Ready for Expanded Biometric Requirements

From July 31st, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will be expanding the collection of biometrics to all applicants between the ages of 14-79. Start dates for the requirement vary depending on the applicant's nationality.

Weed the North

The Canadian Parliament has recently passed legislation legalizing some possession of cannabis (marijuana) and also to increase the punishment for driving under the influence. These laws will come into effect on October 17, 2018 and will have harsh penalties for permanent residents and foreign nationals who have DUI or possession of "illicit" cannabis.

New Medical Inadmissibility Changes

In April 2018, the Minister announced important new changes to the medical inadmissibility policy. Individuals and their dependants who apply for permanent residence under most applications in economic categories, some humanitarian and compassionate categories, and some family sponsorship categories such as parents/grandparent sponsorships, are still required to pass medical admissibility.

Immigration Options for Skilled Individuals

As immigration options become more restricted in the United States and Europe, Canada remains one of the most open immigration systems for skilled individuals in the G7.

Cybersecurity Compliance Burdens Increase For Canadian Investment Dealers And Advisers

Canadian securities regulators have issued a notice on cybersecurity and social media which brings into sharp relief the rapid pace of the threats investment dealers and advisers now face as a result of the increased targeting of the financial industry by cyber criminals.

Bank of Canada Gets More Serious about Issuing a Digital Currency

On November 30, 2017, the Bank of Canada (BoC) released a staff white paper cautiously in favour of creating a central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC) for Canada. Referencing the continuing trend toward using electronic forms of payment in lieu of physical currency, the white paper explores the possible economic benefits of a CBDC and whether such benefits would justify the move.

Mandatory Breach Reporting in Canada

Cyber security rules and expectations are changing The rising risks associated with cyber breach in Canada Canadian organizations admit they may not be fully prepared to meet the heightened expectations associated with the rising risks of cyber breach in Canada. In this environment, Board Directors and C-Suite should be keenly focused on not just ensuring their organization can weather…

How Much Cybersecurity is Enough?

You’ve met the applicable standard of care, but is that enough? When does an organization have enough Cyber security? The answer depends on the organization, the industry and the threats to which the organization is exposed. The frank answer to the question “When do we have enough?” is, “Never.” Cybersecurity is a process, not a…

Preparing for CASL’s Private Right of Action

Organizations should take steps now to verify their CASL compliance Mitigate the risks of CASL regulatory enforcement and private litigation. Commencing July 1, 2017, CASL contraventions will be subject to enforcement through private litigation, including class proceedings, by individuals and organizations seeking compensatory damages and potentially substantial statutory damages. CASL – Overview   CASL creates…