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2023 Conference Schedule

2023 Conference Schedule

2023 Conference Schedule


Featured Events

Compliance (3)

Compliance Transformation

Avoiding Penalties while Optimizing Resources

May 3, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
George Brown College | Waterfront Campus
51 Dockside Drive Toronto, ON M5A 1B6

1-3 Delegates $99.00 CAD per person + HST
4+ Delegates is $79.00 CAD per person + HST

What the Conference is About

• ​Transforming your compliance function
• Maximizing the value of your regulatory activities
• Prioritizing your most critical risks
• Rapidly responding to regulatory challenges
• AI, Data analytics, predictive analysis
• Adopting technology-enabled, data-driven solutions
• Streamlining labour-intensive and manual processes
• Improving employee engagement while saving time & reducing

Upcoming Events

Janus Conferences CyberSecurity_DataPrivacy

The Cybersecurity + Data Privacy Conference

What is this conference about?

Mandatory Breach Notification obligations.
Penalties for non-compliance.
Investigations & Enforcement
Incident response reporting requirements
Cyber Liability Insurance
Breach file disclosure to insurers.
Reporting data breaches to customers.


May 16, 2023

Janus Conferences - Sexual Harrasment_HumanRights

Women & Leadership:
A Playbook For Change

May 30, 2023

Talent Strategies
Tips and Traps
Location Strategies

Talent Strategies

Acquiring the Best People in Today's Market

June 6, 2023


ESG Compliance Consequences

“The impact of New Regulations on your organization?"

June 20,  2023

Compliance (4)

Big Data Analytics – Optimizing Data for Competitive Advantage

September 24, 2023

Compliance (1)

“Cash is King”

Effective Liquidity Strategies ahead of a potential downturn

September 2023

Recent Events

Cyber attacks target energy companies at nearly double the rate of other industries


The New Normal Graphics

Important Video now available: $195 to access the video
• ​Delta Variant is Sweeping the Country
• Reopening Delays
• Vaccine / Mask Mandates
• What are your Risks?
• Avoiding Consequences of a Misstep or Oversight
• Key Steps Now in an Evolving Landscape

Avoid Lawsuits, Citations & Fines - Manage the Return to the Workplace

Online Forum from New York, September 14


"The New Normal?" - Managing the Return to the Workplace

Online Forum from Toronto, September 28


Learn From The Best

​Janus Conferences are specifically designed for the busy executive or professional. The purpose is to provide an update on topical issues that are changing rapidly. Delegates are provided with information on new trends and developments in order to make informed decisions.

Our Expert Speakers

Presenters are carefully selected from those who are most qualified to comment on the topic in question as a result of their direct involvement in the subject area

Unique Access to Experts

With the opportunity to question the key subject matter experts in a pre-conference questionnaire, following the speaker's presentation and during the round table discussion at the end of the day. These conferences also enable delegates to connect with others during breaks, lunch and the reception who have an interest in keeping up to date on an important issue or concern.

What's included:*

For Live Events, conference fee includes conference information kit including speakers notes, lunch and cocktail reception.
Please note this conference can count towards mandatory CPD hours for lawyers in Ontario

*in person concerences

Past Events

Invigilation through AI

Education Update: Impersonation & Plagiarism in Remote Delivery

A Virtual Conference for College and University Leaders

A Virtual Conference

Identity Verification

Helping Students Succeed Through Originality

November 24, 2020

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