Past Janus Conferences

Human Rights & Sexual Harassment - Prevent the Violations & Costs

What employers can do to lessen the risk of a hard hitting damage award

Awards over $800,000 . Reinstatement (up to 12 years back pay)
Compensatory damages for injured feelings
Lost income claims (past and future)
Proof by inference defending the claim
The workers compensation defense



Cybersecurity And Data Privacy

Mandatory Breach Notification in effect
as of November 1st,
Are you ready?
Avoid fines and law suits.

What the conference is about:

Mandatory Breach Notification obligations.
Penalties for non-compliance.
Investigations & Enforcement
Incident response reporting requirements
Cyber Liability Insurance
Breach file disclosure to insurers.
Reporting data breaches to customers.
​Cybersecurity And Data Privacy
“A breach can end a career and a firm”