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Ukraine Says It Thwarted a Sophisticated Russian Cyberattack on Its Power Grid

From Wednesday, April 13th NYT, p A10:
"In recent weeks, American officials have warned that Russia could try to expand its cyberwarfare, perhaps by disrupting American pipelines, in retaliation for the sanctions that the United States has imposed on Moscow.

Russia's military intelligence are now using malware that can take over industrial control systems, and is rarely used. This is yet more evidence of Russia's capability. The fact that they have tools that allow them to do that is very concerning for the future.

The Justice Department said last week that it had disrupted another cyber attack orchestrated by the G.R.U. Russian hackers when they infected networks of private computers with malicious software to create a botnet that could be used for surveillance of disruptive attacks. Using court orders, the FBI gained access to corporate networks in the United States and removed the malware, sometimes without the company's knowledge. We are seeing a shift in what's going on in the cyber realm."

Author: Kate Conger

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