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New Medical Inadmissibility Changes


New Medical Inadmissibility Changes

In April 2018, the Minister announced important new changes to the medical inadmissibility policy. Individuals and their dependants who apply for permanent residence under most applications in economic categories, some humanitarian and compassionate categories, and some family sponsorship categories such as parents/grandparent sponsorships, are still required to pass medical admissibility.

However, the announcement will allow a significant number of people who would have previously been found to be medically inadmissible to no longer be in this category.  Here are some key points to note:

  • The threshold amount of medical costs for medical inadmissibility will now be tripled. This means that many applicants who require higher medical costs to deal with their conditions (eg. HIV positive individuals who use government funded prescriptions) may now no longer be medically inadmissible.
  • Special education, social and vocational rehabilitation services, and personal support services will no longer be included in the medical costs. As such, many individuals dealing with disabilities will now no longer be medically inadmissible.

Many applicants or their dependants who previously were found to be medically inadmissible may now reapply for permanent residence.

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