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Hire international students? Now, that’s a thought!

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In fall 2016, there were over 33,000 international students enrolled in post-secondary education in Greater Montréal (MEES, 2017), and the number of students attending university went up 10% in fall 2017 (BCI, 2017).

That spells opportunity for Montréal businesses.

In its new video, I Choose Montréal features Montréal-area employers who consistently leverage diversity to drive growth.

Whether it’s AKKA TechnologiesBell or IBM, all employers look for the same qualities in candidates:

  • strong skills
  • ability to speak several languages
  • open-mindedness
  • interesting life experiences

A smart move

At a time when an entire generation of workers is about to retire, Greater Montréal companies must innovate to find the people they need and avoid being short-staffed. More than ever, international students are now part of the solution. They’re here, they have a degree and a strong educational background, they’re available, and they want to stay.

It’s easier than you think

Until a few years ago, the immigration process was complicated enough to put employers off hiring international students. But today, governments have done a good job streamlining the process and shortening turnaround times.

What’s more, programs like Montréal International’s I Choose Montréal now help connect employers with students by organizing networking and recruiting events and posting job offers online. And the good news is, all Montréal companies can take advantage of them. So you’re all set!

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