Susan McLennan Bio

Susan McLennan – Bio

Susan McLennan helps brands tell compelling stories that change minds and open hearts while managing their reputations in an increasingly complex and connected world. She is also adept at helping grass roots organizations disrupt existing narratives and news cycles. 
She chairs the board of Openmedia, an organization which campaigns to keep the internet affordable and accessible. The organization has grown from 0-700,000 engaged supporters in the last few years. 

She was key in building a signature PBS kids brand from its infancy to its place as one of the most trusted brands on the network. 
Sometimes she works top down with some of the world’s most influential media outlets. Other times, she works bottom up, creating or overseeing digital campaigns that start movements and even change laws. 

Much of her work is grounded in story. Asked by a group of scientists to help them create a project to keep girls engaged in science at the point where they started to disengage, she and partner  Mike Erskine-Kellie created a television show for American Public Television which won two 2015 regional Emmy Awards. Another social justice digital campaign she co-created and wrote was selected for inclusion in the US Library of Congress. 

She has helped brands of varying sizes and types navigate unexpected events and crises, including matters relating to personnel, accusations of criminal wrong doing, and political upheaval.