Peter Israel Bio


Currently, Warren Shepell, Ph.D. works at BizLife Solutions, which specializes in all types of Harassment Prevention, and is responsible for establishing, building, and maintaining relationships with clients and key contacts with potential and existing customer companies and organizations. He is a regular participant in conferences and panels on Harassment issues and consults with organizations on implementation of effective practices in Harassment Prevention and communications training.
Previously, he was a consultant in his own firm in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) including helping companies set up EAPs, conducting EAP audits, and EAP surveys.

Earlier, and for 25 years, he was the Founder, Chairman, and President of Warren Shepell Consultants where he built a large EAP firm with 460 full-time and 1500 part-time employees. He and his firm provided EAP services (mental health, emotional issues, childcare, and eldercare) to over 2,000 companies and covered four million employees and their families.

He is considered to be a pioneer in the EAP industry and he brought the concept of mental health counselling to the population in Canada through their workplace. He and his firm won numerous awards, including 50 Top Management Companies twice and Benefit Canada’s Lifetime award in HR benefits.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1974 from the University of Pennsylvania; his M.A.Sc. in Industrial & Counselling Psychology in 1968 from the University of Waterloo and his B.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1965.