Umbrella Legal Marketing is an innovative legal marketing company that has quickly become a major player in the industry.

As the name suggests, Umbrella Legal Marketing is focused on the legal market niche offering highly specialized services exclusively to law firms and lawyers throughout Canada. Umbrella easily stands out in an otherwise crowded marketplace by producing high quality work, offering personalized service, and generating strong results.
Here are three things Umbrella is thoughtfully doing differently to offer their clients top-notch service:

  1. The Local Team

The Umbrella Legal Marketing team is comprised of local, talented, and knowledgeable subject matter experts. From the founders, to the copywriters, to the designers, to the developers, to the photographers, and even the comptroller, everyone is local and highly qualified for their specific roles.
The founding partners have devoted their entire careers to the business of law, likely having worked with more lawyers in Canada than any other marketing professional. All of the writers and editors are either lawyers, hold advanced degrees in English, or both. The designers are extremely talented and creative with the ability to think outside the box even within the fairly conservatives confines of a legal website. The developers are all located within the GTA which is becoming increasingly rare with oversea options available for a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the quality).
The local Umbrella team allows for better quality control, faster turn-around times, and truly personalized service. The websites Umbrella has designed and built for clients have won awards and have been listed on top-ten industry lists.

  1. The Breadth of Services Offered

Umbrella Legal Marketing is a one-stop shop for all your firm’s legal marketing needs, making it a cost-effective alternative to an in-house marketing team. Umbrella is equipped to handle all marketing initiatives from traditional print and media buy to online marketing, to local and community sponsorships, media relations, and even referral management and enhancement.
Whether you need an updated and search engine optimized website, a blog, social media management, public relations, new firm photographs, a new logo, or even a customized screen saver, Umbrella has you covered.
Umbrella recognizes lawyers are busy practicing law so they efficiently and effectively take all of the marketing off your plate. Their services include, but are not limited to:

  • website creation;
  • ghost blogging;
  • social media management and advertising;
  • custom videos;
  • professional photography;
  • branding and logo creation;
  • custom welcome packages;
  • knowledge base apps;
  • custom screen savers;
  • print advertising;
  • public relations;
  • online reputation management;
  • consulting; and
  • much more

Law firms should think of Umbrella as a concierge service for all their marketing needs.

  1. The Personal Service and Attention

By design, Umbrella Legal Marketing is a small, boutique marketing firm with a niche market focus.
Unlike other agencies, Umbrella intentionally keeps their client roster minimized to ensure they can offer their clients personal service and attention that exceeds all expectations. Other agencies brag about their expansive client list, while Umbrella brags about their close client relationships.  It’s impossible to get lost in a crowd when you’re an Umbrella client because of their unique customer-focused mentality and hands-on approach.
At Umbrella Legal Marketing, clients are always in direct and constant contact with the founding partners, and with their team. The partners are known for attending all client meetings together, a practice they adopted early on. They strongly believe in meeting with their clients in person on a regular basis, whether it’s to analyze metrics, provide training seminars (always with delicious treats in hand!) offer suggestions for improvement, or talk about the Jays over lunch. Umbrella is dedicated to their clients’ success, so much so that they the offer partnership exclusivity to firms per practice area within certain geographies. This ensures Umbrella is always acting in the best interest of their client without running into situations where one client’s success is to the detriment of another’s. Umbrella has a personal vested interest in their clients’ satisfaction and success which translates into superior service.
We could certainly list more reasons why Umbrella Legal Marketing is a game changer for law firm marketing but the proof is in the pudding.
Check out their website to see what clients have to say about working with Umbrella Legal Marketing. For marketing questions, please contact the team directly through the contact form on the site.