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Preemptor AI – A Tool To Stop Impersonation And Plagiarism

Preemptor AI – A Tool To Stop Impersonation and Plagiarism

Colleges are telling us that they are facing a key challenge in the move to remote delivery, in that, students are using surrogates or individuals to impersonate them to complete tests and assignments. A new technology called Preemptor AI can help institutions of higher learning protect against fraud by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Preemptor AI is an AI-driven technology that identifies whether a student is completing their own test or assignment; and, whether it is an original work or something they have copied. Artificial Intelligence is used to determine a student’s identity to create a unique profile similar to a fingerprint.

This new technology is called Identity Verification in Remote Delivery or IVRD. It is available NOW on Preemptor AI to prevent students from plagiarizing or using surrogates to complete tests and assignments. In addition, it can be implemented without integration to your Learning Management System or student identity record, which can be done later on.  

Using the system involves 7 simple steps:
1. Students are provided with an ID to create a password and gain system access.
2. Students are asked to complete an exercise where the system can capture their identity profile.
3. Once the student’s identity profile is established, students can proceed to complete a test or assignment on the system.
4. Preemptor uses AI to compare the identity profile of the individual completing the test or assignment with that of the actual student who should be completing it.
5. Students and/or instructors are alerted if Preemptor detects impersonation or plagiarism.
6. Students submit the completed test or assignment to the instructor for grading with an addendum indicating whether impersonation or plagiarism has occurred.
7. Metrics are generated in real-time to provide up-to-date information for the instructor and the college. These highlight attempts at impersonation and plagiarism.

Preemptor can also be augmented with additional capabilities to verify student identify including facial- and voice- recognition, screen sharing, biometric identification including fingerprint and iris scan (development in-progress). These are the same proven technologies that are used in the financial services industry for anti-money laundering.

Our research further suggests that once students become aware that AI is being used to detect impersonation and plagiarism, violations tend to decline in prevalence.  Having the logo and text “Preemptor: Invigilation through AI” on websites and evaluations can create this placebo effect.

• Reduction in students expelled for identity sharing
• Upholding College reputation
• Improved Instructor productivity

• Hiring companies: Are companies hiring cheaters? What is the impact? E.g., A consulting firm sends a plagiarized report to a client, and they lose the client.
• Government Funding: Is the government funding cheaters?
• Impact of Students: Are students who cheat undermining their careers? Are students who don’t cheat being undermined by the reputation of the college?

Contact us today to learn more about how Preemptor can help you eliminate impersonation and plagiarism.
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